Unusual Swedish Vocabulary


This is an enormously common verb in Swedish, meaning “to find the time” or “to be on time”.


You might have heard of sambo before (which means live-in partner) but did you know that mambo is the word for a person who lives at home with their mother?


This very common verb roughly translates to ‘having energy’. So if you spring up the stairs you say, Jag orkar att gå uppför trapporna (‘I have the energy to go up the stairs’).

Tips on Learning Swedish

Listen to Swedish Music

Learn lyrics of songs, so that next time a song is played on the Swedish radio you can sing along and impress your Swedish friends.

Read Swedish Books

You can start with reading children’s books. They can help you improve your language skills!

A Trip to Sweden

A trip to Sweden will motivate you. It is also a great opportunity to practice your recently learned Swedish.

Interesting Information about the Swedish Language

Standard Swedish
Standard Swedish is based on the Svea variety spoken in Stockholm, Uppsala, Lund, Gothenburg, and Helsinki.
Sound System
There are some differences in pronunciation among the various dialects of Swedish, particularly in the pronunciation of vowels.
Stress and Pitch
Swedish is distinguished by its prosody that includes both word stress and tone. It has a pitch accent that differentiates between otherwise identical words.


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